KMACO has enhanced its capacity in auditing Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) over the years particularly in Ready Made Garments (RMG) Sector. RMG sector is the backbone of Bangladesh in terms of earning foreign exchanges.

We are also focused on auditing of Non Government Organizations (NGO) funded by foreign donors and operating in Micro Finance sector. Micro credit had very positive impact in economy of Bangladesh in last few years and will have even more impact in decades to come. So, we expect significant accounting and assurance service requirement in this sector to ensure due diligence.

Currently we are also developing our expertise in auditing the Telecommunication sector – the giant industry. We are interested to provide credit monitoring service, outsourced treasury functions and revenue assurance services to this sector.

Approximate segmentation of client base by sector/industry
a) RMG & Textile Sector
b) Public Organizations (Govt. & Semi Govt. Bodies)
c) Bank, Insurance and other Financial Institutions.
d) Micro Finance (NGO)
e) Pharmaceutical
f) Hospitals

Significant relationships with Professional bodies, regulators, industry bodies
a) Partners are the Fellow Members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh to practice as independent auditor under the firm name of K M Alam & Co., Chartered Accountants.
b) Enlisted as ‘A Grade’ Firm with Bangladesh Bank (Central Bank of Bangladesh)
c) Enlisted with European Union.
d) Enlisted with NGO Affairs Bureau of Bangladesh vide serial no. 72.
e) Enlisted with Micro Credit Authority of Bangladesh vide serial no. 44.