About Us

Background of the firm:

That K.M.ALAM & CO. (KMACO) was set-up in 1967 and is in public practice for 45 years. KMACO has three Partners as below:

(a) K.M. Alam, B.Com (Hons), FCA 45 years auditing experience
(b) Md. Mosharef Hossain, B.Com, FCA 36 years auditing experience.
(c) Kazi Ahmmed Monowar, FCA, 16 years auditing experience.

From the set up of the firm, we have gained wide experiences in accounts, audits, income tax, Company law matters including management consultancy. Some features of the firm have stated below:

• KMACO is are mainly engaged in consulting services on impact as well as external evaluation, mid term evaluation, close up evaluation, performance evaluation, audit of financial operation and financial analytical services.
• Specialized national and international auditing, consulting and research services and management auditing service and performance of books of account.
• Several Financial and non – financial information to form an idea to express the professional opinions has been made by KMACO.
• The firm is engaged with a good number of skilled consultants who assist us to provide a reasonable works in taxation, assets valuation, audit of accounts and express management points, implementing in internal control in organization, technical evaluation tasks, survey, investigation and data administration and management along with required analysis.
• The Firm has completed audit of accounts of more than 10000 Autonomous Bodies, Private and Public Limited Companies and NGOs.
• We are capable with our manpower and technical systems to made any audit work of any kinds of large organization.
• KMACO is enlisted by Bangladesh Bank with ‘’A’’ category.
• Herewith we have declared that KMACO is not black listed in any Autonomous Bodies, Government, Semi Government, Private and Public Limited Companies and NGOs for any short of legal defaults.
• The financial condition of the Firm is sound and capable to make finance for the implementation and execution of the projects at any circumstances.

VISION 2017 (At 50 Years of KMACO)

To strengthen our present position in Bangladesh by means of securing quality audit work and to establish KMACO as THE TOP Chartered Accountancy Firm in Bangladesh and one of the Leading Chartered Accountancy Firms in South Asian Region.


1. Integrity
2. Business Partner
3. Accountability and
4. Respectful

We will demonstrate highest professional standards through maintaining our independence stringently and ensuring quality of our work.

Business Partner:
We will act as the Business Partner of our clients, NOT only as an independent auditor. We will give our professional advice to our clients for the benefit of the organization understanding the business nature, process and global economical environment.

We will be accountable to all internal and external stakeholders of our client for any job performed by us.

We are respectful to our stakeholders for their knowledge, skills, experience and above all for their expectations from us.

Current legal constitution/structure and ownership

KMACO is certified by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh to render independent audit and assurance service. In addition KMACO also has Trade License and registered with National Board of Revenue. The details are as under:

i) Trade license no of the firm is 0445890 which is valid up to June 2013.
ii) Practicing certificate from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB) which number is 40 and valid up to June 2013.
iii) Tax identification number (TIN) is 245-300-2585 for the payment of income tax.
iv) Value Added Tax (VAT) BIN 9011099947.
v) KMACO is a Partnership Firm having 3 Partners.

Head count (including partners), with analysis by service line& location

a) Partner: 3 nos.

Partners lead from the front in conducting any types of assignment, ensure quality and secure customers’ satisfaction. Partners are dedicated to achieve global standard of auditing and accounting service by means of proper affiliation with real world leaders in this sector. They look for excellence through developing new service areas and maintaining very positive office environment for firm’s staff.

Location: 2 partners work at Dhaka and the rest is stationed at Khulna.

b) Professional Accountant: 4 nos.

In addition to 3 Partners there are 4 Professional Accountants in our firm which includes 2 qualified Chartered Accountants and 2 Cost and Management Accountants. They perform the accounting, auditing and assurance functions. Their role is mainly to ensure quality in carrying out any job by our firm through Senior Auditors and Articled Students by means of complying with International Standards on Auditing and ensuring application of International Financial Reporting Standards in client’s financial statement.

Location: Dhaka 3, Khulna 1.

c) Certified Tax Lawyer: 2 nos.

Both are more than 10 years experienced in dealing with company tax matters which includes tax planning of clients, preparation of tax return, attending hearing of tax assessment, awarding tax holiday benefit etc.

Location: Dhaka 2.

d) Company Law Specialist: 2 nos.

The Company Law Specialists of our firm are Professional Advocate having more than 30 years experience in dealing with company formation, annual return, share transfer etc.

Location: Dhaka 1, Khulna 1.

e) Professional Valuer: 3 nos.

There are 2 Civil Engineers and 1 Electrical Engineer in above position. They are involved in ascertaining current value of assets of State Owned Enterprises.

Location: Dhaka 3.

f) Auditors & Accountants: 48 nos.

Auditors include Course Completed Students (Senior Auditors) and Articled Students. They perform the field audit and assurance job. Financial operation of KMACO is also managed by this pool.

Location: Dhaka 38, Khulna 10.

Total Headcount is 62.